The Mission

The purpose of this blog is to keep music, art, creativity, and everything that is beautiful, deep and true alive in myself and encourage it in others.  I personally struggle on a daily basis to find my place in this world between the reality of life, the ideals in my mind, and the passion in my soul.  So quickly life can march right over us and leave dreams undiscovered.

When you read this blog, you will expect to:

  • learn about music industry trends
  • be introduced to up and coming artists
  • hear wisdom from veterans
  • read inspiring stories that encourage perseverance
  • be opened up to best practices for networking/marketing
  • learn tips for songwriting
  • brush up on local music venues
  • hear recaps of local music events
  • plus more!!!!

What if you are not in Nashville or into the music industry, is this blog for you?  There are a great deal of people that are able to take the broader messages in the posts to heart.  For example in the post “Life Without Limits,” you learn of a man with no arms and legs that is choosing to use his circumstances for good.  This post is an analogy for anyone endeavoring to succeed at what they are doing even when their circumstances are discouraging.  This blog is based off of the Nashville experience but the lessons learned here can apply to life in general.  The Nashville Music Buzz is ultimately here to encourage anyone trying to be extraordinary.

Why Nashville Music Buzz?

Nashville – the town I find myself in love with.  Ten years ago, I would have laughed if you told me I would be right here, right now.  That is just how life works isn’t it?  This community is bursting with creativity, insight, empathy, desire, talent, compassion, and drive.  I can’t imagine another place I would rather make this earthly journey.

Music – a gift from God that has pursued me my whole life.  Music is more than just sounds being generated by a piece of wood or metal or by the human instrument.  It is the dialogue of our soul.  It speaks for us when we can’t find the words.  It understands how we feel when no one else can.  Music never interrupts and can always make someone have a better day.

Buzz – industrious bee, that is what my name means.  Even though it started with my name, I thought about all the ways it could apply to Nashville.  New artists and trends create a “buzz” around town.  Ask any PR person in town and press can make or break your career.  You have to get out there and make people start talking about you.  So this blog is a chance for me to relay industry buzz heard around town and encourage you to be the headline maker yourself!

This blog should remind you of what moves you.  Every song, endeavor, project, company, or life path must start somewhere.  We are all created with a unique set of skills, passions, and interests that when aligned with purpose can leave a lasting legacy.

“Art, when found at home on the canvas

or on a journey across the dance floor

or in the movement of the melody and lyrics of a song,

needs to be encouraged and nurtured.”

~ Debra Gordon

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